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Member Since 07 Dec 2009
Offline Last Active Jan 11 2012 12:56 AM

tiny li

09 January 2012 - 11:20 PM

hey everyone! merry new yearmas and all that
....so i started to get parts for my new build its nothing super amazing, just a little pc-q08 lian li build...just thourght id share my experences with you

there will be some modding involved (mostly psu)

anywho this is what i have so far

i5 2500k
zotac z68 motherbord (starting to question this now haha)
ocz 650w psu
kuhler 620 (keeps the cpu around 39c @4.5ghz)
8gb 1600mhz corsair ram (GOD RAM IS CHEAP! when did this happen)
and for now a old f3 spinpoint hard drive till i can afford an ssd lol

heres a few pics of the guts to this build

Posted Image
the sexy look what the postman got me pic

Posted Image
these are my wepons of choice...crap for zombie apocalypse fantastic for cable modding lol

Posted Image
the theme will be black and purple will be making nice short cables for the psu with this

im using 3amp 300v wire will this be ok? i know the volts are fine but i dunno about the amps id guess it only needs to be like 1 or 2 amps ?


t.e.c.s and all there glory...or short commings?

05 December 2011 - 10:50 AM

hey everyone...long story short a friend game me these

Posted Image

the plan is to replace my triple stelph rad for three of these and my single rad at the bottom with one...is this a good idea ...it will be cooling an i7 930 the chipset and x2 460s
or is it worth leaving my pc alone or just swaping the single rad with one so the water enters the loop cool....ive had a little play with them n yer they make water cold but im really not sure how good they are

i know people watercool tecs n let the tecs cool the loop
some people use them directly on componets which seems stupid
i know that they use a stupid amound of power (one coolit unit uses 135w tops )
people say u can just wire 6 together n slap on a molex connector ....that sounds like psu suside (tho kinda makes sence)

has anyone used them on here before and what are ur views on them the price ant a problem as i have them free also happy to take them apart and try cooling them using water or a better heat sync

thanks, ben

bending acrylic?

02 November 2011 - 09:46 PM

hey ...sorry to start another topic but i couldnt find one on here so it might help others in future lol (thats my excuse)

...i wanna bend a piece of dark tint green acrylic into this shape
Posted Image
sorry its such a poor pic but hopefully its enough

size of the acrylic is gonna be about 500mm x 600mm this will form the top and sides

p.s this is all rough workings and crappy doodles atm and nothing set in stone
many thanks!, Ben

motherbord mount on psu?

01 November 2011 - 10:07 PM

hey everyone, well if anyone is out there...like a ghost town at the moment! lol

ive started to get the itch to build a pc a ickle diddy one lol and was wondering would there be any harm if i mounted an itx motherbord to the top of the psu
(just drill/tap out four holes and use some motherbord standoffs) would there need to be any earth wires, or any problems doing this?

many thanks, Ben

pump/ loop -big problems!-

09 February 2011 - 08:18 PM

Hey everyone i really need help with a heat problem! im getting to the point were im gonna just set it on fire n curl into a ball AND DIE!!!!! lol

ok so what is in my loop

ek full copper hf cpu block-triple stelth rad-bitspower drivebay res- ek 600lph pump 4.0- thermochill 120mm rad-2x ek 460 full waterblock

the problem is i had a very small leak in the bottom of the case on the compression fitting to the 120mm rad, other that that it was fine, the temps were about
37-39 on the gpus and 39 idle cpu and around 50 during a prime 95 stress test and this was a 3.5ghz overclock
I then fixed the leak (got a new compression fitting in the end lol) refilled the loop n blead out the air n left it running for bout 6 hours getting more air out as i went-this is were my problem started, and also my first question....should the water rush round the loop because in mine its just about flowing and the bubbles can freely move about even when the pump is running like theres no pressure (that was question one just badly put haha)
also the two graphics cards seem to b fine n cool still but within a min the cpu has shot up from 35 to like 65-70c there no overvolt or overclock either and no stress on the cpu this is a readout on the bios.... also the block gets hot and so dose the fluid around it, so im gonna gess its not a mounting seating problem with the waterblock n cpu (tho i have retimed it and reset it

.block is on the right way as well

i will put up a diagram of my loop and a photo in a bit if thats any help...

any input or advice would b amazing!!!!

thanks for hearing me out!!!