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#186488 socket pins bent

Posted by vitesse on 30 July 2013 - 02:41 PM

I would have reported him to Ebay mate, his attitude stinks and I dont think it should be tolerated

#186348 Not very lucky at the moment

Posted by vitesse on 09 July 2013 - 01:37 PM

Why me!!! lol


First I got done for speeding, had to pay for the naughty speeders course and half my tooth fell out. Having nearly got that sorted out went to get up of the sofa on sunday evening and stubbed my toe on the armchair and....SNAP


Yep, well and truly broken it, was bent at like 45 degrees sideways, got to A&E and had an Xray and not only had i broken it also dislocated it too, so on with the gas and air and yelling a few expletives while they snap it all back into place, had to go back today to find out if i'd need an op to pin it. Luckily no i dont however signed off work an on crutches for 3 weeks.


Guess what I'm supposed to be doing at work next week....yep....2 weeks of annual leave :( so ive lost my holidays now


So if anyone wants lottery numbers for the weekend just ask me and then pick anything except what i suggest :wink:

#186159 just thought id let u know

Posted by vitesse on 11 May 2013 - 07:36 AM

Erm I'd say so mate :)


doing well

#185581 Project Black-Green

Posted by vitesse on 11 January 2013 - 09:14 PM

Cheers Andy, appreciate the offer and mate that looks Shweet! is that an EL panel on the midtray? Those damn LCD holes were a pig to work out with them mounted blind if that makes sense, was just a case in the end of get some marking out done undersize with a vernier and then keep opening the holes out little by little until it was something close to what i wanted. It didnt come out perfectly but good enough (i hope) that it wont notice when painted.

Just ordered the NexxoS 480 rad so once that gets here I have a little plan to make something with some acrylic thats sitting around at the workshop, never tried it but I'm thinking of cutting either an oval around the fans or an individual 116mm(ish) hole for each fan and then polishing up all the edges and accenting with some LEDs in the edges to light through, also planning on making an SSD mount like that and a few other bits :)

Got a few pictures from today
Posted Image

Filed the holes out a bit

Posted Image
Flushed the bolts back a bit from the back of the LCDs
Posted Image

Posted Image

Drilled and tapped mounting holes for the pump, think i need a new XSPC top for it as there are some fine cracks radiating around the thread on the top.
Posted Image

Also in the process I managed to drill through one of the case feet :D might have to get on a lathe and knock up some new ones...thats my excuse and I'm sticking to it. Got some 1mm ali sheet ordered to make a new midtray that'll sit under the acrylic. Still need to order the acrylic for the side window but no rush I've still got 2 weeks off to get stuff done.

#185402 Project Black-Green

Posted by vitesse on 28 December 2012 - 06:43 PM

Hello peeps :)

some of you might remember my last project log that was supposed to be a bit subtle but ended up getting a hefty load of USB controlled led's http://forum.waterco...chromatic-tj07/

Well its time to upgrade, so I thought I'd share what I have done so far (not much admittedly) I'm reusing my old TJ07 but tweaking it around a bit and I'm going with a black/green theme and might try to incorporate some Call Of Duty stuff and a lot more electronics based mods

Anyways, the new hardware I have already fitted:

Intel Core i5 3570K
Asus P8Z77V mobo
8GB Corsair Vengeance Blue DDR3 PC3-14900(1866)
Western Digital black 1TB sata3
Samsung 830 128gb sata 3 SSD
OCZ 1000W full modular PSU
A pair of EVGA GTX660

Not totally great but will do me for a few years yet :) anyways I've decided to add even more electronics tomfoolery to this build. I'm planning on incorporating a few 16x2 Green/Black LCD displays internally for various things (got those on order....from China) and spent the last couple of days toiling away on my workbench and came up with a PWM fan speed controller that will work on either conventional 3 pin fans or the new 4 pin PWM fans, i'm planning when I actually can get my watercooling bits that I'll use a temperature probe (lm35 sensor) sealed up and immersed in the res to measure the temperature and that will regulate the speed control of the rad fans. I've done a bit of testing and came up with a working circuit:

Posted Image

Posted Image

I've left a few bits off the diagram such as smoothing caps etc, anways its basicaly a PIC microcontroller that is generating PWM for the fan(s) and as a demo its just ramping up/down on a timer but in the finished one for my build will be basing the speed on the water temps. I stuck a vid on youtube and thought I'd also say a little hello on the LCD to my friends here :)

https://www.youtube....sKoyJ9Q&index=1 (ignore the other vids on there unless your into motorbikes lol)

The hardware in that vid fan, LCD etc is not what i'll be using its just stuff i had laying around to in my workshop to prototype with, the LCD's ive ordered are green VFD letters on black background

I've got a few more electronic gizmo ideas I will be incorporating in the new build but wont really be showing them much until ive prototyped them :) so far the only mods that I have in there I will keep is the braiding i've done on my new OCZ PSU

Only thing holding me back now on watercooling it is waiting for EK to release their 660 waterblocks that they are doing.

Anyways...more to follow soon