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Member Since 28 Aug 2008
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Design Question

27 September 2008 - 07:10 PM

Was wondering if I might get some feed back on a few case design questions. They mostly concern Optical Drives.

Four or five years back a lot of users had multiple optical drives installed. A CD burner, maybe a DVD burner etc. With the advent of combo drives and their increased performance and plummeting price now have most users installing a single combo drive.

Music and game downloads and movies and TV off the NG's means (or so it seems anyway) that most enthusiasts and case modders use an optical drive for loading an OS and then maybe once or twice a month there after. HDD's have a cost per GB and capacity that makes backing up to CD's or DVD's almost pointless as well.

Stealthing drives is a pain and ALL drives are pretty ugly from a case modders perspective. Slot loaders are getting rare and $$$ and finding one in SATA is not easy. Then theres the added cable mess.

On to the questions.

How many of you would object to a case design if it had the optical drive (standard size) mounting done so that the drive was on top, but in the BACK so the tray opened on the back plane? The thinking being that if you only use the thing once or twice a month why have it messing up the otherwise sexy front of your mod?

How many would object to no Optical drive at all? The thinking being you plug a drive in long enough to load your OS and then if you ever need to install something down the road just use one of the shared optical drives on your network?

How many of you would object to a stealthed cover that did not have access to the eject button? The thinking being on the rare occasion you ARE using the drive you just eject the disc from windows. You can't eject a disc unless the machine is on...but you really can't with the button either if the machines not on.

Thanks for any feedback =)