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-BAT- tutta55

-BAT- tutta55

Member Since 12 Nov 2007
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First ever watercooling install, advice appreciated

12 November 2007 - 12:08 PM

I am thinking about a major upgrade of my machine, including installation of watercooling. I have asked advice from a few teammates (distributed computing team), but I still have many questions left. I am still miles away from a parts list for you to evaluate. My questions are more general in nature. The only sure thing is that the machine will be housed in my current Thermaltake Armor full tower case. The processor is now an Intel X3220, but I will probably replace it by a Q9450 or Q9550 beginning of next year. I will overclock it is as much as possible.

- Everyone advises me to go for Tygon tubing. But I just can't find any fittings for that. I really like your pressure fittings, but these are for PVC and PUR only. That type of fittings seems much more handy and stylish than clamps. Tygon's advantage seems to be that it bends much easier, and is stronger.
- What size of watertank is recommended? Some people tell me the larger the better, as this creates a buffer for storing heat. Personally I like the simplicity of the Laing DDC with Alphacool top and Alphacool minitank, but is that any good?
- I would like to buy an Asus Maximus Extreme motherboard, with their Fusion block watercooling. Then the loop would included motherboard cooling and CPU cooling. What comes first in the loop, meaning does the already warm water coming from mobo goes through CPU, or the other way round? Or better in parallel? This fusion block's inlet and outlet are close to the CPU, so that will probably require me to use flexible tubing.
- I definitely don't want to drill any holes in my case. My biggest worry is what to do with the radiator. How is it fixed? I am thinking about a radiator with 2 120mm fans.

That's it for now. No doubt much more to come :oops: