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Member Since 16 Sep 2006
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Project Tattoo Flash (tower 900)

16 March 2017 - 01:01 PM

Long post, but quick build I had to get done quickly and in time why waiting on parts for other builds, project titled tattoo flash.
First up a big thank you to the sponsors of the build.












Simple object of the build was to get a tattoo flash like theme and have two separate loops, having access to the Dremel 3d40 3dprinter two was going to enable me to hide the wires as best as I could too, and as the case was the Thermaltake Tower 900 this was going to be a challenge I wanted.




Thermaltake also sent over the watercooling components and the PSU for me to get this build done.
Second up was the motherboard, I wanted to make sure this tied in to what I was trying to do so step up the gigabyte X99 ultra Gaming that will be used with the Intel 5960X.




The other items in the list were 2x nvidia GPU’s which I had laying around from a previous project so it was just the SSD, M2 and memory to add, Lucky for me Apacer stepped up with these.


Apacer sent me a very nice care package consisting of a Apacer M2 z280 and 2x AS340 SSD’s to cover the storage they also sent 4x 3000mhz DDR4 Panther gold sticks.
Anyway enough of the hardware let us just move straight onto the build and what I have done

Project ITX Treasure

26 July 2016 - 01:14 PM

Project – ITX Treasure

Hi all its been a while since I have done any mod project, but that’s down to moving from London to Kent and popping out my best mod ever my son AJ. Anyway back on track and welcome to the new build I am about to embark on this time.
Back in 2010 before mini ITX gaming was even a thing I scratch built a mini ITX gaming rig, since then I have done quite a few mods, but have yet to venture back to mini ITX and with so many sexy and great looking mini ITX builds coming around and on the web, I thought this time round I would try something different and by different I mean scratch the case, scratch any ideas of making my job easy and put myself into a corner.
So I present to you my latest build based on a pirates treasure chest, first off though I would like to give a big thanks to the sponsors of this project without who this would of never got off the ground.


A big thank you goes out to the guys over at ekwb for stepping up and supplying the watercooling solution for this product, they were kind enough to supply everything that I needed for this build and more. 


Also a massive thanks to gigabyte for supplying the GA-Z170N-Gaming 5 mini ITX motherboard for the project something that will be needed in such a small form factor due to limitations I have on size.


Thanks to Dremel who seem to step up on every build and supply me with accessories and tools.


A Massive thanks to the guys over at XFX too for managing to grab me a AMD Fury NANO for the project, this again is another important piece due to the size limitations of the project.
Well let’s begin shall we and show you what the plan is roughly, first off let’s take a look at what is going to house all these products.


Yes that’s right I chose a small treasure chest, to give you some context on how big this chest is in real life here is a picture of the chest with some of the boxed hardware and products that have arrived.


Yes already you may be thinking I am crazy, but in all honesty I am thinking the same thing too and all that is meant for this little chest and that’s without taking into consideration I have to fit a PSU inside this chest too.. let the fun begin as well as the headaches as I attempt to do this. Until the next post :D