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Project Thorne - Bringing some happiness back to some kids

01 May 2018 - 07:50 AM

Hi there all, sorry first of all if I am running two build logs, but this one is kind of special and I’ll give you a small rundown of the build, my neighbor who was the general mister nice guy in the area (would give you the jacket of his own back to help you out if he could), was 63 and despite this he had two young boys both 8 and 13, he saw the sort of rigs I build and asked me what the sort of cost. This was at the tail end of last year. He said he would love to get his kids one and hopefully would get enough together to do so for Christmas this year. 
A couple of months ago his eldest son knocked on my door saying there was something wrong with his dad and I rushed in, I gave him CPR until the ambulance crew arrived and they took him to hospital, the next day they turned life support off and he did not make it through and will be missed by all.
To honor him I decided to reach out current and past sponsors and see what would be possible to try to organise the rig he wanted his sons to have, so a Big massive shout out to all involved who helped support this project and help me finance it through donation of the parts. So a big thank you to the sponsors listed below, you are true saints for stepping up and helping bring a little bit of joy to two young boys that have lost their father.
I only ask one thing of anyone that likes this or fancies sharing some of the images as I have seen some of my other builds floating around on social media, please keep anything away from social media as I will not be even sharing on my own pages and only adding pics to groups that I know they will not see it’s for them, or belong too.. This is a going to be a surprise for them and we are going to set it all up so they will first put eyes on it when they get home from school once it’s done.



A Big thank you and an honorable bow to Lian Li for stepping up and providing the Case and PSU for this.




A big thank you to Gigabyte and an Honorable bow for not only supplying the motherboard, but also supplying the keyboard, mouse and headset too.




A big thank you to Apacer and an honorable bow for supplying the memory, ssd’s and M2 drive for the build.




A Big thank you to Zotac and an honorable bow for supplying the GPU for the build.




A big thank you to the guys over at Intel for supplying the CPU  for the rig an honorable bow of course for you guys too.




A big thank you to LG and an honourable bow for offering the support of supplying a monitor.




A big thank you to Bitspower and an honorable bow for sorting out the WC components.




A Big thank you goes out to master yoda ;) over at MNPCTECH a big thank you and honorable bow for you sir.




A big thank you and another honorable bow goes to the Black Ice Disti here in the UK thank you for supplying the radiator.




Thank you to Nanoxia to who are the disti for Li-Heat cables for supplying the PCi-E riser




A Big thank you and an bow also goes out to Michael over at To The Wire for supplying the cables for this project.




A big thank you to Dremel for always being around for support on projects, be it bits or perishables that we go through on builds.




Thank you to Liquid.cool for supplying the fluid a bow to you guys too.


So let us start off with the first parts of this build, the case, psu and the gpu.




I will gather from this photo alone you will see that I have gone down the mini ITX route as I know their mum won’t want too much space taken up.






This case is Perfect for the build as it fits the small footprint in mind but also supports watercooling, although not the sort of stuff I want to put into the build lol, but hey I don’t see making it all fit being a big issue.


Also from Lian Li is the neat little PE – 750 SFX psu, this is quite a step up from the normal 600W SFX PSU’s I am used to seeing.






Still enough of a omphh to support the GPU.


Next onto the GPU, if anyone is not familiar with Zotac amp series here is what it looks like stock.






I will post some more tomorrow of the other parts that have turned up, then get onto the actual modding of the case, despite most of it being internal to support the hardware (d5 pump anyone squashed in there lol).


Thanks again to all involved.

Project Timeless Warriors

03 August 2017 - 10:06 AM

Project – Timeless Warriors

So It Begins.
Personal Intro
Hi all those of you that know me or dont, I have been modding PC's since the year 2000 give or take a few years, I have been inspired over my modding life from modders of past and even some modders of new, I was modding back in the day when we used caravan window rubbers to put case windows into a PC (i know ghetto but we done what we could back then with what we had) I am known across various forums as rchiileea, Richi and Richie123 as well as r1chieB on instagram. I also have the Lucky advantage of having a wife who is very talented and hand engraving images using only dots that create depth which far exceeds my flat images i used to engrave with the trusty old dremel.


So let me introduce you guys to my latest project build that will be crazy mad, inspired by the samurai and will be built into Lian Li DK05x Twin PC desk, (hence the timeless warriors name). This project is going to be a labour of love, not only will it feature a lot of engraving by my wife, there will be also a heavy theme on samurai inside as well as engraved on the outside.


A very very huge thank you to Lian Li for supplying the desk for the project, was honoured to be offered it so thank you.
Thank you to intel who stepped up again for me to provide CPU’s for this project
As some of you know from previous mods gigabyte have supported me with motherboards on projects so again thanks to them for being involved and helping out.
A big thanks to Toshiba for coming on board on this one too, with not only the OCZ m2 drives but some SSD’s too.
A big thanks to Razer for supplying the Peripherals for the project
I would like to say Thank you to Sapphire for stepping up with two cards for second side of rig
A massive thank you to LG for offering more than I asked for the build, watch this space
Thank you to bitspower for supplying all the watercooling fittings, pumps and blocks for this.
Dremel need no introduction as they have been around on all my builds from day one.
A big thank you to TeamGroup as well for supplying the memory for both rigs.
Of course two rigs are going to need two PSU’s so thank you to Seasonic for stepping up..

A massive thanks to the Mayhems team for supplying my custom colour mixes for this project, amazing work as always.


I must say again I have to thank the sponsors BIG TIME on this build for coming on board as it basically means they are supplying double the amount, no pressure to deliver then.

First off here is the case in question.






Looks great, then when it arrived, well it is huge, here is packaging next to my 1 series.

Funnily enough the desk comes in two boxes, one for the feet and one for the desk itself.
This was the lighter of the two boxes, the second box was not so light.
To assemble the case we have to lay the top section on top of the two boxes, then attach the feet.


Once the feet are attached, it’s a case of plugging the power for the adjustable legs in and raising it above the boxes, then lifting it into place (which is not a one man job :P)


For now that is the start of this build as I have to finalise the design for the engravings on the outside, once I have I will post an image of the plan to give you some idea of what is going to happen to this desk.