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Loop sequence and rad orientation advice

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Hello Everybody


I'm back into watercooling after a few years of absence and i need some advice on how to set up my loop sequence and the orientation of one of the rads, i want to cool a core i7 950 130 TDP (not overclocked for now), i know i have some old components but it's what i can manage for now:


1 XSPC RS120 Radiator with 1 original 120 fan from XSPC kit.

1 120 Radiator from a busted corsair H60 with 1 SP120 Fan (corsair)

1 XSPC Delta V3 CPU Waterblock (acetal),

1 New XSPC ION Pump/Res.

6 original G1/4 compression fittings 8mm ID, 10mm OD



The only available locations for the rads are, one in the the back of my case below my power supply and one in the front but this one has to be secured sideways (barbs on the side instead of top or bottom), I have an old not mounting friendly Ultra E-Torque case with not much space. Besides my ambient temps are way too high, 30° C and up. 


I have 2 ideas and i would like to know your opinions on them, if they are ok, which is the best or is there other sequence best suited for my loop, is it ok for me to mount the front rad sideways?


Rad 1 will always be the one on the back of the case due to the orientation of the pump outlet and the placement i have for it.


Idea 1


Pump --> CPU Block --> Rad 1 (back) --> Rad 2 (front)--> Pump


Idea 2


Pump --> Rad 1 (back) --> CPU Block --> Rad 2 (front) --> Pump 



Thanks in advance for any help you can give me.


Best Regards





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Welcome back skipper :)



    There's ALWAYS room for a quad rad!

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Orientation doesn't REALLY matter. Just go with whatever gives you the shortest loop, and best visually obviously :)

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