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Successful Water cooling Loop?

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Hey guys, I've just finished putting together my first water cooling loop and it was relatively smooth. I'll attach a pic of the finished product.  However there were a few questions I would like to ask and share some of thoughts on the process. The entire installation process took me around 8 hours of work and all the parts I got were from a company called EKWB and I'm pretty impressed the quality of the products. 

first off, radiator are the worst to install. I probably spent twice as long installing the radiator then installing the rest of loop. it turns out that both the radiator and fans wouldn't fit inside the case so i had to put the fans on the outside. which brings me to first question, are my fans set up in good way? I currently have fans on the front and back pushing air in and then 3 fans on top pulling air out. 

My 2nd question is how will I know that my working? in my bios menu its "claims" that my temperature is idling around 25 degrees C,  I haven't tested the temp under load because 1. I don't know how and 2. I'm still bleeding the loop. 

finally I would very much like to know a good method for draining the loop. I do intend to add a GPU cooler to the loop and ive read that its good to replace the coolant every 6 months. while building the computer I had hooked up the pump wrong and had to drain just a small portion of the loop and it was super scary. 

Overall it was a very enjoyable experience i'm already researching my next project  grin.gif. I look forward to hearing your guys' thoughts and opinions. 

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Hello Aaron.


Grats on your first loop build. It's a good feeling. I'll try to answer your questions.


Fans......people set them up differently to one another, how you have them is fine, however I'd still have the rear fan as an exhaust. Gives you a bit of cross-cooling for anything not connected to your loop.


CPU temps....without going massively into detail with the mathematics of it, an ideal temp would be 10 degrees delta. That is within 10 degrees of your ambient room temperature. 


To test under load.....and i'm really dusting off the old grey matter here as it has been a while, download Prime95. It is stress testing software that will fully load your cpu, giving you temperature under load.


Easiest method for draining a loop is to stick a drain valve of some sort at the lowest point of your loop. You'd need a 'T' or 'Y' adapter leading to a small length of hose with a ball valve on the end. Then when it comes to draining you can attach a length of hose to the other side of the valve, leading off to a bowl...and voila....drain with ease.


Hope this helps.

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