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Leak suggestions?

- - - - - leak gpu block xpsc 290x

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Hi all


I have built my 2nd WC rig, and did everything by the book, testing for 24 hours etc.

All went perfectly and when I booted the PC, watching the CPU temperature in the BIOS tentatively, everything went perfectly. An hour later, after gradually testing things and monitoring temperatures as I went, I ended the evening with 2 hours of Battlefield 4 gameplay - a good "real world" test.

Then I noticed a few droplets of coolant at the case bottom! :(


I have an XSPC V4 kit with 360mm radiator, and added 2 XSPC 290X GPU blocks and fittings (and coolant from WCUK) to complete the setup. For the first 2 hours it was running beautifully cool - not as quiet as I would have liked - but much cooler than when air cooled (and still quieter).


The XSPC GPU blocks have 7 outlets. 2 are used to connect in and out hoses, the other 5 are blocked with blanking plugs (supplied). It is these that are leaking. They have a round knurled top with a slot (like a screw head) so I tighted with 20p piece to start with (the slots are very wide!)

After finding the leak, I have tried tightening the plug more and swapping with another plug, but the leak continues. It only weeps slowly when the pump is running, but can happen now even when first turned on.


I am wondering whether to try something or just return for exchange or refund (as they dont seem fit for the purpose). I am awaiting feedback from WCUK but haven't heard from them yet (hint hint!)

Hoping to hear back VERY soon!


I'm wondering if I should try PTFE tape, but would like approval from WCUK before I try that.

Any other suggestions would be appreciated.






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Welcome to the forum :D


From your description it does sound like a fault if swapping the pugs had no effect.


Can you see if the O-ring on the plug is making contact with the block? 

If it is then it's a mystery as to how it is leaking. The tape may help and if it does, that's better than having to remove and replace the block.







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It sounds like something is wrong.  Perhaps the wrong plug seals fitted.  I have been known to use PTFE or a little Vaseline on seals.  If it is new however I think I would be looking at replacing it.  Perhaps rather than send the full thing back get another then send it back with the leaking plugs for the refund.

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