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Tips for a Corsair Graphite 600T WC setup ?

- - - - - 600T

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I hope you guys aren't getting tired of newbies and their newbie questions, because here's another one.


Just bought a Corsair Graphite 600T case. The system I have now is about halfway its intended lifespan and I never tried WC before, so was thinking of combining the three.  The second reason I want to try WC is to OC my processor and graphics card, not to have a super fast system, but to stretch its gameability. I kinda get the feeling that investing in a WC system that i can partially reuse and then OC everything, will end up much cheaper than buying the newest, more expensive stuff every time my system gets too old to play games.


Unless someone here can convince me I'll end up cheaper in the end, I'm not even cosidering putting 2 graphics cards in my rig. The only (secondary) goal I have in mind is playing games at a decent quality for as long as I can with the rig I have, so I can save some money in the end. In fact i was thinking of getting a micro-ATX mobo after this one, because I never use the extra PCIe slots anyway.


I'll be using the following:

  • Corsair Graphite 600T (can't talk me out of this one, its too damn sexy)
  • ASUS P8P67 mobo
  • Intel Core i7 2600K 
  • HIS Radeon HD 7950 IceQ X2

The only pic that came close to what i had in mind that I found on the Internetz was this one. Got a few questions about this setup:

  1.  Any trained eyes that know how thick the 240 mm radiator on top is ?
  2. Why is the 200 mm radiator not upside down ? (Tiny Tom Logan said in one of his vids to install it like this, but I can't figure out why)
  3. Was thinking of installing the XSPC Dual 750lph Bay Pump Reservoir V4 Black. Will that have enough pumping power for a setup like this ? 
  4. If I only use a 240mm and a 200 mm radiator, what kind of fans do I need (rmp)  ? (Noise is not really an issue for me and I will OC both CPU and graphics card)

Just found out you can add an additional 120 mm radiator + fan in the back. Will I need that when I OC ?


Attached File  600T WC.jpg   213.57KB   6 downloads


Thx in advance for your tips. Greetz from Belgium to the UK.



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