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Human Revolution: Missing Link (No Spoilers)

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Utter crap. Completed in 4 hours..... and that's with a few wipe-outs and sections needing replayed.

The chain of events that create this "section" (and tie it back to the full game at the end) are crappy. The point of it is crappy, the story is crappy, the "conspiracy" is crappy.

It's the same enemies, same weapons, same gameplay.

It adds a little background to a couple areas of the proper game... that could have been included in the original release, in a different, less crappy way.

It's £9 and it's not worth it at all.




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these days, the DLC seems to be more of a money maker than an actual game. Think about it, borderlands - £29.99, 3 DLC's @ £10 per pop (prices probably not exact, just plucking number from air) thats £60 just blown on a game.
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Well thanks for the heads up.:rolleyes:
Funny enough i spent a tenner on titan quest gold package from steam and loving it.
£10 well spent ;)


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