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Complete shopping list, need final advice.

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I've been "researching" for days now planning to build my new computer. I think I have the whole list of parts needed for the build, and I hope that some of you can comment on the parts I've chosen. I'm going to put everything in a midi-tower, and the emphasis is on low-noise (while still being able to cool, of course).

The most important input I could get from any of you is whether or not my plan will give enough water-flow, air-flow and heat dissipation without maxing speed of fan or pump. I'm also very interested in advice on which air-flow directions I should aim for.

Loop configuration:
Option #1: Res -> pump -> 120.2 rad -> 120.1 rad -> Temp sensor 1 -> CPU -> GPU -> Temp sensor 1 -> 200.1 rad -> Flow Sensor -> Res

As for the temp/flow-sensors: I want to be able to calculate system load (Watts) by using flow and Delta-Watertemp (I believe the Aquaero is capable of doing this). I also want to be able to calculate the Delta-T: TempWater(out) - TempAir(in). I am aware that the pump will dump a "small" amount of heat into the loop, and that my power estimate won't be that accurate. As the heat of the pump is relatively low compared to the rest of the system, I hope it won't matter. En alternate loop would be to keep all radiators in succession like this:

Option #2: Res -> pump -> Temp sensor 1 -> 200.1 rad -> Flow sensor -> 120.2 rad -> 120.1 rad -> Temp sensor 2 -> CPU -> GPU -> Res
If I do the loop this way, I'll get a small increase in total tube length, but I will be able to measure temp. differences over the radiator set more accurately.

Air flow configuration:
I'm thinking of configuring the top radiator as an exhaust, and the front radiator as intake. I'm a little unsure of the radiator on the back, though. I might configure this as an intake too, just trying to keep a small positive pressure in the case (dust).

Computer Hardware:
Case: Corsair 600T White Edition
PSU: Corsair HX1000W
MB: ASUS P8Z68-V Pro
CPU: Intel i7 2600K
RAM: Corsair Dominator DHX DDR3 1600MHz 8GB
GPU: PowerColor LCS 6990 (Stock water block EK-FC6990)
Monitor: BenQ 24" LED G2420HDBL
Extensions: Black, sleeved 1x 8pin (CPU), 2x 8-pin (PCI-E), 1x 24-pin (MB)
SSD: OCZ Vertex 2 80GB (from old system)
HHD: Samsung HD401LJ (from old system)
DVD: Samsung SH-S183A (from old system)

Water Cooling parts:
120.1 rad: Swiftech MCR120
120.2 rad: Swiftech MCR220
200.1 rad: Phobya Extreme 200
120mm fans: 3x Noiseblocker M12-S2 (4,5-12V. Max 1250rpm, Max 51 CFM)
180mm fan: 1x Phobya G-Silen 18 (7-12V. Max 700rpm. Max 56 CFM)
Reservoir: XSPC 5.25" Dual Bay for Swiftech MCP655 pump
Pump: Swiftech MCP655 w/variable speed
Fan Control: Aquaero 5 LT
Hose: 10ft 3/8" ID Feser White UV Reactive
CPU-block: Koolance 370 rev 1.1
Flow-meter: AquaComputer High-flow meter
Temp-meter: 2x AquaComputer in-line female-female
Thermal paste: Nonoxia Heat Buster
Fittings: 17x Bitspower compression fittings straight, matte black (a bit on the expensive side, but I'd like black compression fittings on this one)
Fittings: 1x Bitspower compression fittings 45deg or 90deg, matte black (underside of GFX-card)
Additive: PetraTech PT_Nuke PHN
Coolant: Distilled water

It took me a while to get here, especially regarding choice of radiators (small space, low air-flow). The big questions: Can it be done, will it overheat, will it be low-noise? Overachiever or underachiever? Is the pump strong enough to overcome the total resistance? Should I go for 1/2"ID instead of 3/8ID" tubing? Any advice is greatfully received, even small corrections and smarter solutions. Thanks.

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