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Long loop - pump good enough??

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Hey all,

Iv'e been reading into water cooling for a while and want to cool an i7,
HD 4870 X2 and the mobo (gigabyte X58 Extreme). I want to try and do this
on one loop, with one pump and two 120.2 rads. What pump will handle this

reservoir -> pump -> 120.2 -> CPU -> 120.2 -> MOBO -> GPU -> reservoir

I figure the mobo wont heat the water too much (on board mini rad) and the
GPU is designed to handle up to 90 degrees, so thats why i put it where it
Note: the mobo already has water cooling functionality built in (so no
block) - aswel as a tiny rad.

Heres my shopping list so far:

CPU block: K350 CPU Block w/ 1366 back plate
GPU block: EK-FC4870 X2 CF (Acetal)
Radiators: XSPC RX260 x 2
Fans: Gentle typhoon
Tubing: Primoflex Blue UV Tubing 1/2" ID
Fittings: DD Fatboy 1/2" fittings
Pump: MCP355? or MCP650?

The K350 manual states it needs a minimum head height of 2.1m, and 4m+ is
The MCP355 pump has a head height of 4.5 m, but i'm going to be putting
more than just the CPU block in this loop!
The MCP650 has a much higher flow rate, but a lower head height (so i
guess thats out the question?)

My case is an antec 1200, with 7 drives so space at the front is limited
(thats why i dont have a 120.3 in there). I want to over clock, but not by
crazy amounts, and i want a quiet rig. Are these radiators going to do the

I have a nice sized budget, but space is a problem.

This newb would apreciate any help!
ty ~{:)




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Hi DroptOut,

First of all that loop isnt too long at all, plenty of people choose to cool that many components on one loop, a DDC ultra should pump that fine.

Secondly you have made your first rookie watercooling mistake (dont worry its one that just about everyone makes at first) in thinking that placing a radiator between components in the loop will lower the temperature of those components more. A water cooling setup is a looped system meaning the same water is pumped round the same components and rads over and over, after a couple of minutes from startup the water reaches a specific temperature (dependant on the radiators and components on your loop) which it will remain at constantly until the system is switched off. This is caused by the amount of heat your components generate and transfer tot he water verses the amout of heat your radiators and dissipate which means you can put your components and radiators anywhere in the loop and achieve the same results.

The general rule is: Res -> Pump then whichever route makes your pipework shortest and neatest.

Also as you have 2 radiators have you considered running 2 separate loops?

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