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Advice for new WC setup

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Hi folks,

My setup is as follows:

CPU: Intel Quad-core Q6600.
GPU: NVidia GeForce8800GTX.
Motherboard: P5NE SLI.

I know it's a couple of years old and nowhere near top of the range. I'm not an overclocker and the system is generally pretty stable when used for web-browsing and office applications etc. However, if I try to run games, I'll generally get only a couple of minutes before the system shuts down entirely. I've checked SpeedFan and the temperatures seem way too high. If I take the side of the case off and point a desk fan directly inside, the temps are controllable and I don't get the sporadic shut-downs so I'm sure that excess heat is the problem and I'm considering water-cooling to solve the problem.

I'm comfortable enough with taking my computer to bits (have built PCs from scratch in the past) but am somewhat out of touch with the latest tech so I have no idea where to start with water-cooling. Can anyone suggest what components might suit me? N.B. I do have 3 spare 5.25" drive bays but things are looking a little cramped inside my case, so I'd prefer an external setup really.





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Howdy and welcome.

Can you give us any more info?

ie, what case do you have

Also, a picture speaks 10,000 words (or some such) so if you have any pics of your system 'as is' that could help.

In the meantime, you could do worse than check out some of the older project logs for inspiration.

Here's the pc I built for my son a couple of years back as an example linky

Has a similar spec to your system, cpu is currently a Q6600 @3.6GHz and an 8800GTX.

Rad is also externally mounted, so hopefully will give you an idea of what is involved there.

Any further questions or queries, just fire away. ;)

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welcome to the forum :D

When you say the temps are high, what are they?

Also, are all the fans spinning and is there much dust?





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run hwmonitor and get a copy of the log file pasted onto here.
Has it always been overheating or has it been gradual?
give it a good cleanout with a hoover hose, need to do this at least once every 2 months. Dust is a common airflow restrictor. And dont forget the cooling fins under the processor fan & the power supply.
Also a screenshot of your case insides would help as it may also be cables etc thats impeding airflow.
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Thanks for the responses everyone - very welcoming :)

OneEyeUK: The case is a bog standard generic case. I'll try to take some photos in the morning which might show things a little better. Thanks for the link - you really went to town on your son's PC and it looks great. Nice job.

IanF: I left the computer idling in the BIOS screen for about 15 minutes or so and the temperatures stabilised at 46 degrees for the CPU and 49 for the motherboard. Speedfan gives the temps as 47 for the CPU, 47 for the motherboard and 54 for the GPU (after stabilising for 20 minutes with nothing but Windows running). All fans are spinning.

Swift_wraith: I'll run hwmonitor tomorrow and post the results along with some pics of the insides. I've given everything a proper cleanout - all fans are spotless and the heatsink fins are clear also. I didn't think to monitor the temps before I did this so the information above is post-clean. There is a bit of a story which may be relevant though...After a couple of months of having the PC, the power supply (400W) packed up so I installed a new 500W one (it was a back-to-base warranty so I opted to fit it myself to save the cost of returning the whole PC) but to be honest, it was never very stable even after that so I took the system back to the manufacturer who diagnosed a faulty 8800GTS graphics card and duly replaced it (still just about under warranty) with an 8800GTX as they didn't have any GTS cards in stock. It's only recently that I've really used it for games and that's when I started noticing the problems. Until now, I'd never considered overheating so I didn't notice that there was no case fan blowing air into the case, only the one exhausting out the back. I've since added an intake fan at the front and one on the side.

Thanks again for your thoughts - I'll try to get some pics and hwmonitor info up tomorrow.





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Morning folks,

I've attached a couple of pics and the log file from HWMonitor. Let me know if I can provide anything else useful.

Thanks again,


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:o You need some cable management!!!!!

I'd advise getting a new case if you can, itll be tough getting a decent WC system into that case.

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