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XSPC X20 Single Cover VGA Block

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This is my meens a full fledged review as I lack the time and equipment to do a full review, So this is all I have.

I've always wanted to water cool my GPU's but I've never been a big fan of 'use once' full cover GPU blocks. That's why I've always preferred 'Core Only' blocks as you can use them again and again :)

Now my GPU's run hot so I was planning to by a big third party air cooler but then I stumbled upon these cheap little X20 blocks, After rooting the internet and forums there's little to NO information about them at all which is why I'm writing this.

Now I'm a big fan of XSPC as I've always used them and have never had any problems with any of there products, Not to mension I've never been let down by there customer service when I've had questions.

No pictures of the boxes, But in essence you get :

1. X20 block
2. Mounting Hardware
3. Thermal Paste
4. 2x 8mm ID compression fittings

Fitting them :

First of all these blocks are tiny, so tiny intact that my 3/8" ID compression fittings would not fit as they got caught on the mounting plate :( And my 3/8" ID barbs just and I meen JUST about fitted, the blocks are that small.

Next up is the mounting, which is fiddly!!! The supplied screws and springs are so flimsy and small that they don't apply what I call decent pressure onto the mounting plate. I emailed XSPC about this and I had an email from Paul Lockey who is a cracking helpful guy as he offered to send me another 2 sets of mounting hardware so I could mount the block using all 4 holes on 5850's PCB ( Not fitted in the pics ) to give better mounting pressure.

Posted Image

Posted Image

My loop :

Thermochil PA 120.3 ( 3x Xigmatek fans in Pull )
XSPC Delta V3 CPU Block
XSPC DDC Reservoit Pump Top
XSPC 3/8" Compression Fittings and 4x Barbs
2x XSPC X20 VGA Blocks
Ambient temperature was around 23-24c
Cheap ass thermal paste

Performance :

2x Power Cooler 5850's over-volted to 1.25v at 950Mhz on the graphics core.

For the record my STOCK 5850 air cooler would touch 100+c on this test !!!

This run is only using TWO holes for the mounting points which resulted in not much pressure when mounting :

Posted Image

As you can see that's a 40+c drop in load temps when compared to the stock air cooler.

Next up is the same test but with the extra mounting hardware that I received fitted :

Posted Image

Quite an improvement! It's amazing that somthing simple like mounting pressure can drop another 20c off loads temps.

NOTE : One of the blocks has more TIM on then the other which would prolly explain the 10c core difference.

Extra Pics :

Here's some pictures will all 4 corners mounted and a shot of the copper base showing pin layout.

Posted Image

Posted Image

Posted Image

Conclusion :

The key thing to remember about these blocks is that they cost ~£25 so they're not going to perform as good as other more expensive blocks, But they are cheaper then high end third party GPU air coolers, Air coolers which can't match these blocks in terms of cooling performance and lets face it, Water cooled GPU's look cool B)

The block has a few niggles like size, which means you have to think a bit more about what size compression/barbs you use. Another niggle is the mounting quality which could be better, It's worth emailing XSPC and asking them if you could buy a extra mounting kit as the difference it'll make to performance for such a small price is more then worth it.

Pro's :

Will fit a LARGE amount of graphics cards
Performance per pound is unmatched
Small size so will fit in most cases
All copper base which is nice at this price point
Good quality

Con's :

Small size means barb/compression fitting choice is limited
Mounting needs some work
Supplied 8/10mm fittings will not be used by any decent water cooler

As I said, this aint a professional review, just my opinions and experience with these blocks :)

Mentions :

Would like to say a big thank you to Paul Lockey at XSPC for the extra mounting kits, Superb service and fast email replys

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