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2012 10 22 13.25.29

2012 10 22 13.25.29

This is my rig for everyday use. Needs allot of work i think. Cable tidy is best i can get it to at the moment. Need tools to redo all my wiring and change colors of sleeves. Work in progress I suppose. my 360 rad doesnt fit in the case lol, so has to sit on desk or on top of case.

Currently running:

  • Mobo : MSI K9A2 neo-f (ancient)
  • CPU : AMD Phenom 9950 X4 Black Edition Agena 2.6GHz Socket AM2+ 140W Quad-Core (Ancient)
  • RAM : 6Gb (no name) DDR2 (3x 2Gb Clearly ancient)
  • GPU : GTX 260 BFG (ancient)
  • PSU: Novatech PowerStation Black Edition 750W Silent ATX2 Modular Power Supply
  • HDD's : 1 x CORSAIR FORCE SERIES3 60GB SSD (windows drive)
  • 1 x Seagate 1Tb HDD
  • 1 x DVD rewriter
Water cooling:
  • Cooler Master Dominator 690 Black Nvidia Case with Window
  • XSPC Dual 750 Bay Pump Reservoir Rev2 Multi Fascia
  • XSPC Delta V3 Universal CPU 775/1156/1366/AM3
  • GPU full cover block from EK (copper)
  • Black Ice GT Xtreme 120 Radiator
  • Black Ice GT Stealth 360 Radiator + WCUK X-Fan Blue 4 LED Bundle (3-Pack)
  • Thermochill EC6 Non Conductive Coolant - UV Blue
  • Sharkoon 4" CCFL 2in 1 Kit - UV
  • Temperature Sensor In-Line 2x G1/4 Inner Thread ith C/F Display
  • Masterkleer tubing PVC 16/10mm (3/8ID) UV-active blue/clear
My water cooling system order is : 1) pump, 2) CPU, 3) GPU, 4) large rad, 5) small rad, 6) temp gauge, 7) back to pump.
I know the order isn't perfect and the temp gauge should probably go right after the GPU block for the more important reading (or could just buy a second lol).
Currently getting temps of 28C for CPU and 36C for GPU and 27C for the coolant in idle conditions. Never seen CPU go over 38C even while gaming. (temps are from desktop gadgets "all cpu meter").
I haven't overclocked the system in a long time. Every time I tried I got blue screens so gave up. Recently found out it was due to a very old HDD which eventually crashed and burnt. Now with new SSD i have no more blue screens, Might try OC'in this again for a laugh but I'm quiet a newbie to OC'in. I do know this processor is easily OC'ed to at least 3.5Ghz from what I've read and should be stable.