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#186348 Not very lucky at the moment

Posted by vitesse on 09 July 2013 - 01:37 PM

Why me!!! lol


First I got done for speeding, had to pay for the naughty speeders course and half my tooth fell out. Having nearly got that sorted out went to get up of the sofa on sunday evening and stubbed my toe on the armchair and....SNAP


Yep, well and truly broken it, was bent at like 45 degrees sideways, got to A&E and had an Xray and not only had i broken it also dislocated it too, so on with the gas and air and yelling a few expletives while they snap it all back into place, had to go back today to find out if i'd need an op to pin it. Luckily no i dont however signed off work an on crutches for 3 weeks.


Guess what I'm supposed to be doing at work next week....yep....2 weeks of annual leave :( so ive lost my holidays now


So if anyone wants lottery numbers for the weekend just ask me and then pick anything except what i suggest :wink:

#187293 WatercoolingUK March Giveaway - WINNER ANNOUNCED

Posted by Rob* on 14 March 2014 - 05:07 PM

Hi Everyone,


OK so we've decided, to celebrate our 10th year for the rest of this year, each month we'll be giving away at least one popular product which has either just been released or has been a best seller recently.


There is only half of March left, so this will give you more chance to Win as there will potentially be less people applying :)


Prize Details:
March Giveaway - EK Water Blocks EK-FC R9-290X - Acetal - Worth over £85.00 (shipped)


How can i win?:

Two simple steps...

  1. Post a reply in this topic below saying "Gimme some EK goodness"
  2. Like our Facebook page and confirm this by liking or sharing the Facebook post about the March Giveaway on our wall.


  1. You need to be a registered member of the Watercooling UK forum with a post count of 5 or more.
  2. Shipping is covered within the UK up to the value of £10.00, due to the popularity of our site in other countries, you may apply if outside of the UK but shipping will be charged.
  3. Prize must be claimed within 1 month of winning, you will be emailed, if no reply you will be called, if no reply we will attempt to find you on Facebook or other means, if we get no reply then your prize will be given away in another draw throughout the year.
  4. This prize cannot be won by Watercooling UK Staff or their associates.
  5. Have fun, and help us make this a monthly thing!

Thanks for reading, and good luck =D:




Forum Competition Winner :: MARCH


MattWill - Please contact me if you read this first, but i have sent you a PM.

Congrats :)



#185184 Lian li V2000 for sale (not by me)

Posted by sebyg666 on 06 November 2012 - 01:00 PM

Hya guys.
After joining this forum and seeing what Andy did with his V2000's i decided to look for the same case. I really like its looks and the enormous space it has. I searched and searched and googled my touchy off for about 2 weeks and came across 2.
one was here in the UK and the other is in Dallas USA. Off course I got the one that was here in the UK but the one from the USA is still up for grabs and i just wanted to share the info with people here on the forum since i saw a few people are looking for one.

Unfortunately I don't have the person's Email address. So you will have to join the forums on Overclock.net and then you will want to contact utnorris . Just so you also know the price, he wants $130 for the case and the shipping to M30 (thats me) is $126 so please bare in mind the price for shipping may be different for you and also that if anyone decides to contact him I hold no responsibility for anything as I'm just forwarding information. I do hope this does not break any forum rules. If it does feel free to remove this thread.

I genuinely hope this helps someone get the case they want. I did get the permission to pass on this info from the gentleman so just let him know if you contact him that its thanks to me.

Hope everyone has a nice day.

P.S. here is a direct link to his profile.

#95463 Rep

Posted by Davep on 08 March 2009 - 12:07 PM

I see not a lot of people are using the rep system

Would be a good idea for people to add rep when people help out

Come on guys start using it, seems a bit pointness having it on here if no one is using it

Some people may no actually know its on here, has it is a bit hidden on here

to add rep do this

Posted Image

Then just press agree or disagree

- If you disagree, a point get taken away from there rep
- Agree, a point gets added

Then just write a comment is the box about the rep

And then click add to reputation

To find out how many rep points you got, and who gave you rep, just go into User CP, and it will say all the rep you have recieved

Posted Image

Also Another Way You Can See Your Rep Status Or Others Rep (This is Just From/On A Normal Thread)

Posted Image

#95111 A Guide To Hardware Testing

Posted by Elemental_Dragon on 06 March 2009 - 11:40 AM

Might be worth a sticky, not sure, but I've typed this out so many times before (Mainly for Davep :P). Also not sure if it should be Tech or Guides.... Maybe both?

It'll save many hours of stress, blood, sweat n' tears and of course, money!

:: Testing Your Newly Built Rig ::

1).After you power it on it...

  • A). ...Boots up successfully. Congratulations! You have built your rig correctly first time round and have no fualty gear!
  • B). ...Beeps repeatedly. Two things it can be here.
    1). First, check your power cables. It's most likely that you have not plugged in the GPU power cable.
    2). The other common repetitive beep is that you haven't installed or correctly seated your RAM.
    3). ***Gigabyte Boards only*** BIOS Error - this usually results in an RMA unfortunately due to the BIOS chip being corrupted.
  • C). ...Nothing at all, no power what so ever.
    1). Check all the leads are attatched to the motherboard and GPU's, the front panel switch is wired up correctly etc.
    2). Your PSU is most likely faulty. Use a tester such as this one to test and confirm. (there are fancier 1s but these are 1 of the best imo as it gives clear, simple to understand results)
  • D). ...Powers on, but there is no display.
    1). Did it make a post beep? If so, check that the monitor cable is plugged in and if so, try the other port. Still no display? Then it's most likely the GPU that is at fault. Swap the GPU out for another card for testing purposes.
    2). No post beep. Start backtracking. Check to see the GPU has enough power (modern cards have LED indicators on the cards that light up red if there is not enough power). If you are using adapters, try disconnecting and HDD's and DVD drives you may have - your PSU may not have enough power to power all the rails. Still nothing? Try a different GPU (idealy a non powered 1). Still nothing? Try taking all the RAM out the system. If the motherboard beeps repeatedly, then it recognises that there is no RAM. Reseat the RAM one at a time. You may have a faulty stick or slot. If the board doesn't beep with no RAM in it, then we're looking at a duff board or CPU. Try testing with a different CPU. If it still doesn't post, check again with no RAM. Again, if there's no beep, then we know that the motherboard has a fault. Time to RMA.
  • E). ... It powers on, but there's distortion on the screen. Distortion, blocks of red/blue/green or white on the BIOS post screen or in Windows unfortunately means there is a fault with the GPU or monitor. Test with another card or monitor to confirm which of the 2 it is. On rare occasions (I mean very rare) a driver update can resolve this problem if it only occurs within Windows. (I had 2 9600GT's and the first was fine but came back 2 days later with distortion when playing BF2142. I put in the 2nd and it did the same thing until I did a driver update. RMA'd the original card and it was returned having passed 24hrs of Crysis benchmark utility)

  • F). If the system was all working, and/or none of these help. Reset the CMOS (remove the battery for ~10mins / press "Clear CMOS button if your motherboard has one)
That's all I can think off at the moment. If people would like me to add to this, please feel free to ask and I'll see what I can do. :D


#186438 Project Marshlands: A Military Themed Build..

Posted by keenan on 17 July 2013 - 12:02 AM

Hello guys.
This is my first ever project, most from old and second hand stuff so it's not being build for performance.. It is however themed to be a military build so it'll be build around the following..
ASUS Sabertooth 990FX
Amd FX 4100
16GB Corsair Vengeance Memory
nVidia GTX470's
Dont know about the PSU yet, but hoping to get my hands on something powerful enough for both gpu's


Corsair Vengeance C70 (Military Green)
Everything will be watercooled apart from the Sabertooth to keep the color scheme..
Pics of the hardware


Sponsored by:

Fans sponsored by Akasa
Power supply sponsored by Corsair
Case mods sponsored by Mnpctech


#185929 Last of the Folders!

Posted by IanF on 02 February 2013 - 01:38 PM

Oh well,

looks like the Folding Team has finally died a death as I'm the only one left :cry:.

Think I'll keep it going until I top the leader board then that'll do me as I've been at it since 2005.

It was good while it lasted.


#132039 Rep

Posted by andybones12 on 12 September 2009 - 11:56 PM

Can't get rep after 2000 posts,quite alot of trading and never a bad word.Hmm so what's the point of rep then.:|


#91914 MOT stuff for your info

Posted by 7755matt on 19 February 2009 - 07:21 PM

All the test manuals have recently been made available publicly.

Not sure if any of you will be interested, but its a way to look up things they test, how and reasons the vehicle can fail.


#187239 New WatercoolingUK Website Launch 01/03/2014

Posted by Rob* on 28 February 2014 - 10:42 AM

Hey Everyone,


We're quite excited here at WCUK today, as tomorrow we go live with our brand new site and forums.. It's been a long time coming but i'm sure everyone will agree that it's been well worth the wait.


Thanks to all of our Beta testers on the Website and Forums who have been activing bug shooting with us, everything is more polished now.


Here's some new features:


- Brand new WCUK design for our 10th Year
- Today Only Sales

- This week Only Sales

- Overall enhanced user experience within customer account pages

- Overall enhanced visual experience across the whole site & forums

- Larger thumbnails, clearer product images

- Updated and working Tracking modules via Royal Mail, UK Mail and UPS

- Fully updated RMA system, with interactive Ticket assistance.

- Live Support via our forum Chat feature

- System Builder for customised systems and Watercooled Cases (will launch within 1 months of the main site launch)

- Introduction of Product Stream which is product news and new products

- Guest Check-out facility

- Customers can print their own PDF invoices from their account pages

- Customers will be able to add to, remove from their own orders prior to us taking payment.


The list goes on... We simply cannot wait.


With this being our 10th Year, we're planning to run a prize giveaway each month right the way through till 2015, this is being backed by some of the largest manufacturers and suppliers we've dealt with over the last 10 years.

#186778 10th Year Site / Forum changes + We need your help!

Posted by Rob* on 02 January 2014 - 06:36 PM

Hey all..
Just wanted to put a post on here to let you know that soon we'll be making the move over to our new website, and in turn the forums will also be re-designed around that to keep them looking the same / similar and maybe to push some cross promotion who knows :)
Amongst other things, one of the main reasons we're moving to the new design is to grow the brand up a little from what people have known over the past 10 years, and also the fact that it's been 10 years since we launched WatercoolingUK, we thought it would be great to change things up a little.
The new site is a very clean looking, feature enhanced model - It takes alot of inspiration from some of the bigger sites out their right now and also enables us to move onto the next level and support the growth we have in store for the next comming years.
Due to the above changes, we'll have some down time on the forums, hopefully not too much but i just wanted to let you know.
We are also looking for the following people to help us out:
Forum Administrator & Social Presence.

Forum Administrator with existing knowledge of forum administration, so knowing IPBoard software is a ideal but if you've used VB or PHPBB extensively I dare say you can pick IPBoard up easily. You also need to have a keen eye on Social Media and postings, and be able to post on behalf of the company about new products and promote sales / giveaways. This role has a negotiated pay attached to it and you will become part of the WCUK Front line team.
Customer Service advisor.

We have an opening for a full or part time customer service advisor, who's role would be to stand on the front line of our business along side a small team helping customers, promoting the business and dealing with return for all brands, along with a great ability to solve problems and resolve them so that customers are satisfied. You will be self motivated and work directly with a small team of other advisors here in Manchester or we could be flexible to the right person and allow remote working from your home location. Salary depending on experience and conforms with national minimum wage.
Forum Moderators

Forum moderators with existing knowledge of the roll to help keep posts in line and fight those pesky bots! This role is none paid but comes with a fixed Moderator discount on any of our stores.
Facebook / Twitter Moderators
We'll be putting 1 Facebook and Twitter moderator into action to help deal with any enquiries or questions which come through from Social Media, and also to work with the Forum Administrator with new product posts, sales and giveaways. This role is none paid but comes with a fixed Moderator discount on any of our stores.
To apply for any of the above posts, please drop an email over to jobs@wcukonline.co.uk making the subject the job you're interested in and if it's a paid role, you’re CV.
Happy New year everyone :sos:

#186502 GPU+waterblock advice needed.

Posted by MopiGothi on 03 August 2013 - 05:50 PM



I'm trying to find something that Google in its infinite wisdom seems unable to tell me. Almost as though the manufacturers never thought of, so never listed it as a specification so there's nothing to match with a search... hmm


Most graphics cards are two slot affairs, but I have a MicroATX motherboard, and want two cards - and a soundcard.


So I started looking for cards that only take up one slot - fine if I want something not capable of running the current games.


But of course, whack a waterblock on a card and suddenly it's single slot right? Well, rarely as in their "wisdom" manufacturers put on power connectors that are two slots wide, and a second DVI connector also making it too wide.


So... I thought Watercoolinguk,co.uk might know a thing or two about waterblocks... so I came here.



Per card budget is approximately £200 (if I eat noodles for a whole months maybe £300)... 

Needs to be as gaming capable as possible - and overclockable 

But also needs to be able to be single slot when using a waterblock...


Any combination of Card and Waterblock that works is cool, I don't have any brand affiliations to worry about, but I do want the maximum graphics potential from the thinest package possible.


I have been sifting the entire internet for this, each time I find a card - can't find a waterblock to fit, or if I can find a block it's got two slot wide sockets...


£300 monies (so faaaar end of affordable and makes waterblocks another month away...) in the right online shop gets a KFA2 GTX680 with only one row of ports narrow power sockets but can't find anything that says it fits block-wise... or I tracked down some Asus 7870 cards which as version 1 would have cut down to one slot - but nowhere has them in stock anymore and only the version 2 exist - they have double width sockets...


Thanks in advance, I've a credit card aching to buy stuff, but don't want get stuff that wont do what I want the way I want...

#185546 Project Arclight

Posted by tobyak on 08 January 2013 - 05:14 PM

Posted Image

Behold my latest creation to be

Project Arclight will be a huge case built on an Enermax Fulmo GT chassis with some serious power behind it also provided by Enermax in the shape of the mighty Platimax 1200watt psu

Te Arclight will be an all acrylic outer shell with a double action doors and servo actuated fan intakes that will open and close based on fan speeds, the shell will have a double tone look with layered panels of black and flourescent blue to accent every edge even the 100s of vent parts will have glowing edges, the interior will be a partitioned system very much like the custom partition for my other project "Sulaco" but with far more refinement

Much of the details i would like to keep slightly underwraps untill I post them for that extra mystery, heres a little peek at the exterior

Posted Image
Posted Image
Posted Image

several sponsors are already assisting me on this build and there help is as ever massively appreciated i simply would not be able to do this without them

Acrylic and solvent supplied by Hindleys. These guys are amazing, catering for 100s of different types of materials from plastic to metal and everything in between. And allays happy to answer even the craziest of questions a modder like me can ask

Massive thanks to Enermax for supplying a Fulmo GT, Platimax 1200wall and a vast array of case fans from there amazing Vegas range

Thanks also go to Bitfenix for givign me so much on my last project that i have enough spare to add to Arclight

Posted Image

Posted Image

Posted Image

Posted Image

Stay tuned for a lot more to come........

#163641 Looking for some help with ssd setup.

Posted by spoon on 16 June 2010 - 12:01 AM

You all know where the rep button is :P

#132134 Rep

Posted by subset7 on 13 September 2009 - 08:03 PM

I,ve never been able to leave rep for anyone,it doesn't seem to work for me for some reason :-s

#186530 haswell or not to haswell thats the question!

Posted by Mathewlisett on 12 August 2013 - 10:29 PM




folks after reading this, i need to know whats going to be a wiser move. going to 1150 haswell or the previous 1155


im getting the idea that from this article the haswell is a disappointment and not worth the money over the 1155.


it needs to be for a build for performance for editing of all sorts and oc'g

#185935 Happy Birthday ACE1981 (Les)

Posted by Packer on 03 February 2013 - 08:22 AM

Happy Birthday Les , i hope you are still enjoying your hols :)

#185396 Merry Xmas

Posted by andybones12 on 24 December 2012 - 09:37 PM

Well it's that time again.Just want to wish you all a merry xmas.
Hope you got what you asked for and most importantly,eat drink and be merry :cheers:


#132138 Rep

Posted by spoon on 13 September 2009 - 08:25 PM

You guys aren't able to click rep button or its simply not showing?

#132013 Rep

Posted by Davep on 12 September 2009 - 08:31 PM

now how did you really get all that rep soon? ;)